I’ve dedicated my career to transforming homes into serene sanctuaries.

Over a decade of experience.

Your home is essential. You want a designer who has invested the time to gain real expertise. I’ve spent the last ten years mastering everything from new builds to entire home renovations.

Transparency is everything.

No hidden expenses or surprise overages. I operate from a place of deep respect for every clients’ investment and take care to ensure budgets are discussed at our first meeting and presented with complete clarity.

Every project is custom.

And that comes from being an extraordinarily engaged listener. I enter every space completely open to learning every aspect of my clients’ lifestyle. Each project is a blank canvas with results that are entirely unique.

Your passions are the priority.

Your passions will inform everything– from building in the right functionality to presenting budgets that guide your investment into the places that really matter.

Anne Buresh: Founder, Principal Designer

About Anne Buresh

Anne Buresh Interior Design is an award-winning, full-service interior design firm that delivers a personalized experience in creating beautiful sanctuaries. With offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Anne brings a passion for defining each client’s unique taste to every project. Her signature style blends Southern charm with traces of a well-traveled lifestyle.

For over a decade, Anne has focused on collaborations that involve a wide variety of projects ranging from new builds to large-scale renovations. Anne’s design process is built to ensure that all budgets, schedules, and key decisions are communicated with complete clarity. Above all, her inspiration supports holistic well-being that merges chic style with timeless serenity.

She does not believe in a “one size fits all” mentality but works to tailor her designs to meet her clients’ specific interests and wishes. Anne Buresh believes your home should be the best reflection of you.

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