When Jill King asked me to reimagine her space as elegant yet functional, I knew that color, scale, and detail would be very important. The blue, ivory, antique gold, and wheat colors open up this gorgeous space. Note how the blue in the cashmere throw, Fortuny pillows, and Greek key trim on the ivory linen custom drapes add the freshness of the Wyoming sky while the seagrass carpet anchors the room. The drapes also help to elongate the window, making it seem more expansive while adding warmth and coziness.

The room’s size and configuration were challenging, so each piece I chose needed to create the illusion of more space. One example is the chic, sophisticated Lucite tables. Dark wood would have absorbed light and closed in the space; instead, these twin tables reflect light while opening up and softening the room. The sofa, tables, and drapes all work together to create the perfect scale and balance.

And every design choice had to be both functional and beautiful. After all, this space will host clients from the Scout Guide Jackson Hole and Styling the New West as well as informal Sip & Sees. So I also ensured the space had flow and ease. Visitors are greeted by an elegant white sideboard and antique gold-trimmed mirror, easily move around the Lucite tables, and then sink into the ivory sofa for a styling consult.


One of my favorite—and signature—design features is to create an art wall gallery with personal photographs, treasured mementos, and nods to the surrounding environment. Scale and balance are key in creating this wall. I finished this corner with the ultra-chic chandelier that reflects Jackson’s style sensibility and heritage. It uniquely captures Jill King’s style.

And every detail is important. I always finish with fresh flowers. Not only do they make a vibrant first impression but bringing a little of the outside in always feels warm and inviting.

Find out how we create comfort and style with every project—from elevating your current space to customizing new construction. I’d love to hear from you.



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